The Disaster Management & Reconstruction (DM&R) Sector of NESPAK provides finest services in all aspects of pre-disaster preparedness and post disaster management and reconstruction scenarios. DM&RD specializes in safer development planning, geo-technical and seismic hazard studies, seismic resistant architectural and structural designing, GIS based Project Monitoring, Construction Management and Fast, Innovative and Energy Efficient Construction Technologies.

Our resources and depth acquired over years of experience allows us to offer pre & post disaster services under a virtually limitless range of possibilities, which are tailored to fit the specific needs of a broad range of clientele. In general these Services include:

Pre-Disaster Services

Services related to Multi Hazard Vulnerability for various Disaster Scenarios, Safer Land Use Planning using Geographical Information System (GIS) for analysis and decision making. Moreover, solutions and guidelines related to safer building construction, contingency planning, Socio-Economic & Institutional Capacity Building to enhance resilience of urban and rural areas are offered.

Post-Disaster Services

Damage Assessment Surveys, Strategic and Contingency Planning, Multi-phased Reconstruction and Rehabilitation programs for Sectoral Re-development, Structural Evaluation and Condition Survey of damaged buildings, Seismic Retrofitting of Structures Identification of safer havens for affectees, Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs), Geo-hazard Surveys, Innovative and Fast Construction Technologies and GIS/IT based solutions.