On 8th October, 2005 at about 100 km – north east of Islamabad, a massive earthquake, hit the region destroyed towns and villages in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and the Khyber Phuktoonkhwa.

The scale of the disaster was massive covering over 30,000 square kilometers in the most rugged mountainous terrain – the Himalayas. The Calamity struck heavily in Balakot, Mansehra, Muzaffarabad, Abbottabad, Shangla, Rawalakot, Bagh, Battagram, Neelum valley and Kohistan districts of Pakistan.

As a next step towards restoring the shattered lives of the affected people the Government of Pakistan took the decision of rehabilitating and reconstructing shelters for the communities. Consequently, Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) was created by the Government of Pakistan and assigned ERRA as an executing agency for this disaster recovery for coordination among the government line agencies, donors, local government and NGOs.

ERRA appointed NESPAK as General Consultant under contract agreement between ERRA and NESPAK for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation process.

Scope of Work

  • Carrying out visits to ERRA Projects in the Earthquake Affected Areas by Consultant’s experts, whenever advised by the Client for the intended purpose and submit report of the visit.
  • Carrying out various Engineering Services i.e. Seismic, Geological, Geotechnical studies etc. for Specific Affected Area(s) identified by the Client, prepare implementation / execution plans, discuss and finalize in consultation with the Client.
  • Coordinate upon the instruction of ERRA with foreign / local Consultants / Donors, engaged for participating in completing various engineering related assignments in the Specific Affected Area. Also keeping liaison with the consultants / donors as intimated by the Client to be engaged for carrying out specific services.
  • If required by ERRA, providing available counterpart staff and facilities upon the instructions of ERRA to international development agencies to work on various assignments.
  • Identifying the reconstruction & rehabilitation sub-projects in four major cities (Muzaffaraabd, Balakot, Bagh and Rawalakot) to restore the damages caused by the earthquake in consultation with ERRA & relevant civil governments, if required by ERRA.
  • Carrying out seismic and geological studies for major cities and other earthquake affected areas as advised by ERRA.
  • Assisting ERRA in maintaining updated master schedule for the Project, overall work plan & implementation schedules for the sub-projects in the four major cities and their cash flow requirements, as agreed with various agencies.
  • Reviewing the work plan, implementation schedules prepared and submitted to ERRA by respective civil governments of AJK and KPK and providing recommendations.
  • Assisting ERRA in selection of specialized consultancy firms, whenever required to be specifically hired by ERRA for various sub-projects. In this regard, prepare the selection criteria, forms of consulting services agreements keeping in view international practices acceptable to foreign donors and funding agencies such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank etc.
  • Review the quality assurance plans prepared by the sub-project consultants and / or the contractors hired by ERRA, for approval of the Authority.
  • Assist the Authority to monitor and control the sub-projects, awarded by ERRA, in terms of time, cost and quality control. This includes providing technical assistance to the engineering department of ERRA in the design and construction supervision consultancy contracts, which will be provided by other consulting firms to be engaged by ERRA under a separate clearly defined contract for the required reconstruction & rehabilitation works. This shall include but will not be limited to the following:
  • Developing standard formats for progress and complete reports to be prepared and submitted by Consultancy firms for verification and approval of ERRA.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the Consultancy contracts activities on projects awarded by ERRA as specified in the scope of their services and contractual responsibilities.
  • Making periodic field inspections of works and oversee the quality of works and issuing reports, as and when directed by ERRA.
  • Providing the terms of reference and request for proposals for selecting the Consultancy firms by ERR.
  • Reviewing designs, drawings and specifications for facilities to be reconstructed and rehabilitated by ERRA.
  • Reviewing bidding documents and contract agreements prepared by other consultancy firms, hired by ERRA.
  • Evaluation of bids and recommendations prepared by other consultancy firms, hired by ERRA for award of work by ERRA.
  • Reviewing variation orders prepared by other consultancy firms, hired by ERRA and submit recommendations to ERRA for approval.
  • Preparation of Basis of Design Report(s) for various components of the Project to ensure uniformity in reconstruction & rehabilitation works in earthquake affected areas.
  • Preparation of progress and monitoring reports, any special required reports, mid-term reports, and reports on final completion of the Project.
  • Performing any other engineering related services assigned to the Consultants by the Client that is incidental to any of the aforesaid services, as mutually agreed.
  • Carry out any other assignment as and when directed by the Authority, as mutually agreed.