Project Name:

Planning and Construction Management (for Turnkey Construction) 124 Schools in Education Sector Battagram and Shangla, through ADB funding in Light Gauge Technology

 Country/Location Within Country:

Battagram & Shangla District, KPK, Pakistan

Name & Address of Client:

C&W Department through Chief Engineer EEAP, Government of KPK, Abbottabad

Start Date: June 2007

Completion Date: June 2011

Narrative Description of Project:

Subsequent to devastating earthquake of October 2005. Asian Development Bank offered its fund for reconstruction of 124 middle schools in 2 affected districts of KPK through C&W Department. All the facilities are to be constructed using state of the art light gauge cold formed galvanized steel structure based on turnkey approach using ENAA (Engineering Advancement Association) contract scheme developed by ADB for Process Plant Construction.

Description of Actual Services provided in the Assignment:

Implementation support to the Client for

•   Planning and identification of facilities

•   Bid preparation and evaluation

•   Contract award & Procurement

•   Contract Management for the reconstruction of 124 middle schools in KPK

•   Overall progress monitoring of the Project

•   More than 70 facilities have been successfully handed over to the end users