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NESPAK DM&R. Division Islamabad (Rental) for its project in Jalozai Peshawar & Hyderabad, intends to hire one vehicle each on monthly basis with the following terms and conditions:

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Terms and Conditions:

I.        The Dealer/Owner shall provide vehicles along with drivers.

II.        Rental will provide fuel on as and when required basis.

III.        Timely change of engine oil/Mobil oil will be the responsibility of Dealer/Owner.

IV.        In case of breakdown of vehicle (s) replacement will be provided immediately by Dealer/Owner to the Rental.

V.        Rental will not be responsible for any accident/damages and maintenance of the hired vehicle (s).

VI.        No overtime will be paid to the driver.

VII.        Accommodation and food for driver will be the responsibility of Dealer/Owner.

VIII.        Separate bid be submitted in sealed envelope for each site.

IX.        Bid should be valid for period of one year.

X.        Either party may de-hire the vehicle with 07 days notice.

XI.        Tax shall be deducted as per prevalent laws of Govt. of Pakistan

Opening, evaluation and rejection of bids will be as per relevant Clauses of prevailing PPRA rules. Bids should be sent on the address given below on or before August 18, 2014 by 1030 hours. Bids will be opened on the same day August 18, 2014 at 1100 hours in the presence of bidders who may like to attend.


Admin/ Logistic Officer

NESPAK House, DM&R Division

3rd Floor, Sector G-5/2


Ph. # 051-2826108, 2874021.Ext 313

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