National Engineering Services Pakistan Pvt. Limited – NESPAK intends to hire a vehicle on rental basis for its Project at New Islamabad International Airport, near Fateh Jang Rawalpindi.

Bids are invited from the Contractor under following terms and conditions separately for the following vehicles:

  • 1300 cc Honda City of year 2015 and above model with and without driver
  • 1300 cc Toyota Corolla GLi, Year 2015 and above model with and without driver


  1. Company means NESPAK and Contractor means Vehicle Provider on Rent
  2. Contractor is to share complete business location with phone, fax and email/postal addresses.
  3. Contractor should provide proof of having minimum experience of 3 years relevant experience.
  4. Only one of the above mentioned vehicle shall be procured.
  5. Company shall be responsible for filling of fuel at their own on as and when required basis.
  6. Contractor shall provide vehicle along with driver.
  7. Change of Engine oil / Mobil oil and other maintenance expenses on regular basis shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.
  8. In case of breakdown of vehicle, replacement shall be provided within 24 hours by the Contractor to the Company.
  9. Company will not be responsible for any accident / damage to the vehicle.
  10. No overtime shall be paid to the driver by the Company.
  11. Vehicle must be insured and proof is to be submitted with the bid.
  12. Accommodation and food for driver shall be the responsibility of the Contractor either in Rawalpindi & Islamabad and / or during out-station visits.
  13. Contractor is to submit details / number of National Tax Certificate / General Sales Tax Registration along with the bid
  14. Payment shall be made by the Company after end of every month upon receipt of Invoice by the Company from the Contractor.
  15. All Government applicable taxes shall be deducted from the Invoice by the Company.
  16. The rates quoted shall remain valid for a period of one year from the date of signing of Contract.
  17. Contractor shall submit Undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper to the effect that the Contractor has never been blacklisted by any Government / Semi-Government Department.
  18. Opening, Evaluation, Rejection and Award of bid will be as per relevant clauses of PPRA Rules.
  19. Company reserves the right to accept and reject any or all bids in accordance with PPRA Rules 2004.
  20. Interested parties fulfilling the terms and conditions mentioned hereinabove may submit the bid at the following address:

Transport Officer
NESPAK House, DM&R Division
3rd Floor, Sector G-5/2, Islamabad
Ph: +92-51-2826167

Bids in sealed envelope clearly mentioned on top as “Tender for Hiring of Vehicle” must reach the address given hereinabove by 27th March, 2017 at 1400 hrs and shall be opened on the same date at 1430 hrs in the presence of bidders or their authorized representatives, who may choose to attend.

Date of Publication: 10-03-2017
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